Corporate Travel

Premier Travel is a full-service corporate travel agency that provides an easy-to-use, configurable travel management solution combined with proactive account servicing.

Using our AirCare system, business travelers are able to book their flights easily and intuitively online with remarkable compliance, thanks to one of the industry's most sophisticated travel policy engines. Some of the many benefits include:

  • 24-hour reservation access
  • E-Ticket tracking
  • Care Alerts
  • International Rate Desk
  • Group Air Department.

Premier Travel is the agency for big and small companies who are looking for a partner to help reduce travel expenses, while giving each traveler an exceptional experience.

Our software instantaneously links us with the world's most current rate and scheduling information. But our veteran travel consultants are the driving force that makes the difference. They know how to extract the best from our system to provide you with the most direct routes and the quickest connections at the lowest fares.

Isn't your time too valuable to waste on incomplete travel arrangements? Our knowledgeable staff is constantly updating their information through continuing education and training to provide you with all the care and special services you desire and deserve.